"Dude, are you seriously trying to get in her pants? Why don't you ditch that chick and I'll show you a good time..."


Standing about 5’10” 135, Aella is a vision of emo-girl-punk. There is some serious grit behind it though, like, seriously those spikes and shit are real. You could probably hurt someone with those. However, she lacks that dreamy, self-obsessed, mal-nourished, drunken, drugged up, burnt out haze that one might expect.


Aella means “whirlwind” it is the Greek myth name of an Amazon warrior who was killed by Herakles. She was known for wielding a double axe.

If you want to find Aella, best bet is to visit the bike garage. She’s never really there though. Someone there should know where she is, maybe. I heard she went to get an angle grinder. Maybe she got a flat.


canislupus Steph